Jamie and the intergalactic Revolution of Planet R...

A Genre Fusion Opera

On New Years Eve 2018 Jamie is abducted by aliens and must save the world with rhythm music and dance.  Join Molly Hardin Music, The Global Musicians Fellowship, dancers from the Cabiri and a select cast of talented Seattle musicians, and actors as we preview this incredible work of art to our sponsors, fans and local theater producers before it launches for Broadway NY! 

The preview run for this show is currently set for December 27th - 31st with a special black tie gala event and afterparty on December 31st featuring the Cabiri, Kalimba, Nasty Habits, Sleepy Head, adult puppeteer, Gina Wilhelm, and a special food and drink menu from Shawnas Shindigs with a full bar! 

For tickets to the Black Box theater events, click here

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If you would like to guarantee your seats in advance, or have any questions, please call or text 206.430.2461.

This production is DIVERSE and includes EVERYONE! 

Below is a preview of some of the scenes we will be performing:

Scene 1, Lockdown - “Pick yourself up”

The fist scene is divided into two halves. On one side of the stage, Bella, Jamie's best friend has been illegally incarcerated and is getting out of jail. Her friend Jasmine is also getting out at the same time today and has rallied the ladies together who are afraid to face the people they know and love after being incarcerated. In the parallel scene, Jamie is locked in her room and will not come out. Afraid to face the public and her friends and family while experiencing an episode of gender dysphoria. She is refusing to meet with her friends for New Years Eve. Bella is released and attempts to get Jamie out of her room. Failing to do so she and her friends leave to go out to the celebration downtown.


Scene 2, The Abduction - “Where am I”

After her friends leave, Jamie, recovering from her tears feels the house begin to shake and thinks it is an earthquake as the music shifts to a ROCKIN Alien abduction that will tie you to your seats!! Special lighting, sound, and stage effects will be blended to transport Jamie from her bedroom to an oxygenated quadrant in a spaceship from the planet Rhythmo Negato (a made up word loosely based on latin meaning to have no rhythm)! It is here that she meets her new friend Flounce who is trying to save her planet.


Scene 3, Preparations - “My oh My a PIE!”

The town is alight and everyone is preparing for their new years eve celebrations! People are roaming the streets in search of that last thing for the evening and some have already started with the libations! Luna, one of Bellas friends is working for a catering company as head chef and has found out that Tony, her love interest will be at one of the tables tonight with his new girlfriend. She conspires with her crew to make a pie so fantastic he will fall in love! (and maybe someone will spill a drink on his date...) This song will be done in modern opera style, as the maids dance sing and scheme about how he will fall in love with her should she bake this pie, but please don’t worry! It WILL be in English!


Scene 4, The Purse Abduction - “Gucci, Gucci, Valet”

Flounce, who has recently become friends with Jamie starts randomly sucking up Gucci and Prada bags to the spaceship for Jamie. The women on the street are terrified as bags and other accessories continue to be sucked up into the sky by a purple light to a hip hop transient beat.


Scene 6, Resolutions - "This Year"

The town begins to dance and sing of their New Years Eve resolutions as they join together in cheer and libations.  Audience participation is required as members of the audience stand and are cheered on by the crowd as their resolutions are sung by the cast!


Final Scene, The Countdown - “Fusion”

Jamie returns to earth after saving the planet Rhytmo Negato and the universe in a knockout outfit (thanks to Flounce) and takes center stage as the whole town surrounds her for the countdown to the new year in a grand finale fusion of all the songs from the show and a blast of confetti to kick off the new year! Audience participation REQUIRED! Champaign will be served!

This production is diverse and includes everyone.... oh... did I already say that?   <3  - MH